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The Pinnacle’s purpose is to breathe life into the stories of our school and animate the history of our immediate community. None of that happens, however, without the beautiful and slightly chaotic behind the scenes process of the paper.


Barbara Norton


When Barbara Norton isn’t editing articles for The Pinnacle—alongside her marvelous, incredible, breathtakingly savvy editors-in-chiefs Julia Burdsall and Viansa Reid— she most likely has her head buried in a thesaurus. Barbara always has her planner within a three-foot radius, and will choose an em dash over a comma any day of the week—they’re so fun to use!  When she isn’t staring dejectedly at her laptop during online school, Barbara enjoys complaining about trashy movies that she secretly enjoys, conspicuously coughing when “Jolene” plays on the radio and admiring her sweater collection. Feel free to contact her if you want to discuss a story idea, complain about the College Board or give Netflix recommendations!

Julia Burdsall


When she’s not making a list with her plethora of glitter pens, you’ll almost always find Julia at a coffee house experimenting with various types of milks in her lattes—all non dairy of course. Along with writing highly controversial satires, Julia also loves editing articles and designing the paper with her fabulous comrades and fellow Editor in Chiefs, Barbara and Viansa. But, when she’s out of the classroom, she’ll either be taking photos of herself crying—probably has to do with math—or consuming a ghastly amount of caffeine and having an impromptu solo dance party at 1am. Beyond her duties in the news staff classroom, Julia also has a passion for soccer and lacrosse. By that I mean, she enjoys cheering very loudly for her teammates on the bench. As a Senior, she’s elated to be going to college in a year’s time—hopefully she stops procrastinating those 11 college essays—but is looking forward to her last two semesters writing for the paper whether that’s online or in person! 

Viansa Reid


Co-Editor-In-Chief Viansa Reid is quite the daredevil. Ask her to jump off a bridge and she’ll backflip into the water. Ziplining? Hell yes. Dangling from a rope otherwise known as aerial silks? Check. Skydiving? Already done that. (Well, indoor skydiving that is). She is not afraid to try new things. By contrast, she gains just as much of an adrenaline rush from reading a good book series. (She’s probably read the Harry Potter series five times.) She is a passionate dancer and is the captain of the Summit Dance Team. In her free time, Reid listens to a wide variety of music, ranging from ACDC to Sia and Vince Guaraldi. She aspires to be an avid environmentalist as she already started a compost in her backyard and is trying to convince her parents to buy beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap. She wants to expand her horizons this year by writing an opinions piece.


Brooke Leggat

Sports and Health Editor

Meet Brooke Leggat: a spunky, klutzy ball of energy you can find tumbling down a race course @ Mt. Bachelor or face-first in the turf of the lacrosse field. When she isn’t ½ of the snazzy Pinnacle Sports/Health Editing Squad, you can find Leggat struggling to hold her weight playing spikeball, re-doing her AP Physics notes for the 50th time because they “weren’t pretty enough,” or decorating her room again for the upcoming season (it is NEVER to early for Christmas blankets and candles). Apart from her highlighter collection, Brooke’s pride and joy includes her career as an aspiring TikTok Creator (157 followers and counting!). Oh, and did I mention she can whip up a mean bagel? Just come to Big-O-Bagels Westside and see for yourself. Want to know more? Check out Brooke’s elaborate Pinterest boards depicting every aspect of her dream life.

Ellie Skjersaa

News Editor

Ellie Skjersaa is not the type of person you would find making to-do lists and staying on top of things, even though she invested in a planner this year. Despite being a hot mess Ellie has found time to take on being a News Editor and hasn’t failed miserably… yet. She also runs on the cross country team and works at Starbucks even though she despises coffee. She’s glad to not have a coffee addiction because she doesn’t get free drinks at work. 

Emily Orman

Sports and Health Editor

When Emily Orman isn’t drowning in piles of AP Calculus notes or crunching out a new story she’s likely blasting indie-rock music in her car (hit her up for music recommendations) or online shopping to cope with the stress of junior year. Otherwise, you’re likely to find rEmily huddled in her room binging her favorite show, Gossip Girl. Even though Emily doesn’t live anywhere near the Upper East Side, that won’t stop her from fantasizing about a life in New York City anytime soon. Emily is more than excited to write some more awesome stories this year and help out her fellow editors! 

Hannah Kenneth

News Editor

Hannah Kenneth is a senior with a passion for reading, writing and discovering the meanings behind humanity’s sometimes questionable actions. She is excited to be a news editor this year and to expand her knowledge about news and writing. Hannah is passionate about justice, loves the rain and dislikes making decisions. She is always looking for a story that people should know and care about.

India Slodki

Features Editor

When not writing for The Pinnacle, you can find junior India Slodki working at Sparrow Bakery, listening to a surprising amount of Outkast, and reading about everything from folk artists to serial killers. She also holds interests in Speech and Debate, fashion design, and is an active part of the Teen Library Council. Planning on pursuing journalism after graduating, she has her sights set on the University of Oregon in Eugene or Wellesley College in Boston.  

Jess McComb

Features Editor

Seated in front of a cluttered computer screen amongst college applications, procrastinated AP assignments and over analyzed text edits, she is clothed in a coordinated ensemble of prized thrift finds; the flashy Nike’s on her feet being the only item exceeding $50. This is Jess McComb: features editor, aspiring writer and blatant pessimist. McComb, despite constant self criticism, is a decently well achieved human being; her highest praised feat being an immaculate, slightly OCD gym schedule. McComb hopes to attend a pretentious, liberal arts college on the east coast come fall 2021 and continue her legacy as a school paper editor.

Lucy Jones

Crest Editor

Greetings and salutations! Lucy Jones here. Alongside the ever so talented Natasha Visnack, we produce the Crest. I love the creativity and exploration that the Crest allows for, a positive light that we definitely need in these tough times. In my free time, I strive to be outside as much as possible, whether that be playing lacrosse or painting at the park with friends. I am a senior and potentially interested in studying environmental science next year at college.

Natasha Visnack

Crest Editor

Natasha Visnack is a junior at Summit High School who’s currently in her second year of writing for The Pinnacle. She loves fashion, cycling, and writing, but her true passion in life is listening to 1920’s music.

Sophia Thomas

Opinions Editor

Likely holding an unsweetened iced tea and listening religiously to low-quality sad indie music, Sophia Thomas is best described as a caricature. Over-the-top and always well-hydrated, she enjoys buying tasteless second-hand clothes, warming the bench for her water polo team, and gently informing people that their opinions on movies and music are wrong. As far as opinions go, the sheer number of her half-baked stances taken on social issues coupled with her masochistic passion for writing makes her a prime candidate as one third of the Pinnacle’s Opinions Editor Squad. She prides herself on the quality of her writing and pretty much nothing else. Cynical, sensitive, and somewhat endearing, she likes most things, food, and people she encounters.

Thomas Schwiebert

Opinons Editor

Thomas Schwiebert is a junior at Summit High School and Opinions editor at The Pinnacle. In his free time, he enjoys climbing and listening to music. Thomas writes primarily for opinions, but has expressed no aversion to other sections. He moved to bend in the winter of 2005, and has been an avid Bendite ever since. His most valuable skills are the ability to cook minute rice in 58 seconds and to sleep for 14 hours at a time.

Staff Writers

Charlie Hobin

Staff Writer

You could say Charlie Hobin is comparable to the 4th century Roman Empire. Influential, yet lacking in the fundamentals of organization. The majority of his brain’s power is spent curating quick witty jokes; leaving a minimal amount for navigating the streets in his cool car. Apart from his intense phobia of paper napkins, Charlie is a fearless individual. He spends a hefty sum of his time swimming back and forth during Water Polo and Swim; hence his big muscles. Charlie strives to spend his time either working hard or playing hard- spending minimal time in the middle.

Ella Messih

Staff Writer

Meet Ella Messih, a first year staff writer at the Summit Pinnacle. When Messih isn’t listening to music or playing her guitar, you’ll likely find her at a friends house or just doing something stupid to waste her time. Ella is excited to start her first year as a part of News Staff and to further her writing career. But in all honesty, she only took this class because she wanted a class with Brooke Leggat. Messih doesn’t know what she’s doing in this class amongst all the intelligent writers, but she will figure it out! 

Elliana Bowers

Staff Writer

Amongst her army of plants, hoard of unfinished art projects, growing collection of thrifted clothes and crumpled up to-do lists, you can find Elliana day dreaming away in her sun-soaked room, and most definitely procrastinating endless amounts of homework. When she’s not debating what vegan meal to cook, Elliana is probably frolicking outside or goofing around with friends. She loves writing for enjoyment rather than dreadful Lit and Comp essays, so journalism seemed to be a perfect compromise for this eccentric student. 

Emma Andersen

Staff Writer

Though this is Emma Andersen’s first year experimenting with journalism, she has always loved argumentative essays and writing about different cuisines. One will quickly learn that Andersen loves any and all things related to food—she is an avid baker, chocolate lover and professional kitchen mess maker. When Andersen isn’t indulging in her sweet tooth she is buried in an array of plays, scripts, and guitar tablature with some color coded pens and highlighters. She loves talking to people and will often pick a phone call over a text, but proceed with caution for a five-minute chat often turns into hours. While she just arrived in Bend this year, Andersen could not be more excited to write about all of the current events and tasty food places in town. 

Emi Smart

Staff Writer

Emily (or Emi) Smart is a virtual junior here at Summit this year. This is her first year writing for The Pinnacle. In her free time, she enjoys playing and/or listening to music. [insert witty comment about self here]. 

Gisele Galvez

Staff Writer

When Gisele Galvez isn’t glued to TikTok, she’s probably obsessively searching up conspiracy theories. She also enjoys Animal Crossing, and is interested in psychology. Besides all that fun stuff, Gisele is always looking to improve both her school and personal life, not to mention women empowerment too. 

Grace Gilmore

Staff Writer

Hi divas! My name is Grace. I’m in 12th grade and trying my best to stay afloat this school year. Math is a challenge but not impossible. My fave things include adventuring (although it usually means a trip through the Starbucks drive thru) and riding horses. In my leisure time, you’ll find me on the golf course attempting to swing an iron, and if you’re lucky you might even see me hit the ball! So excited to be back and writing for the pinnacle for my third and final year as we all navigate through online learning! Xoxo

Jared Brees

Staff Writer

When Jared isn’t doing or making up work for online school, he likes to spend time hanging out with people and doing whatever fate decides. During the weekend you can find Brees either on his couch enjoying Sunday football or at Mcmenamins, where he works as a dishwasher. Other than that Brees likes to live the simple life and enjoy nature by going on hikes or hammocking in his backyard. Feel free to contact him if you ever want to discuss a possible story idea or just want to talk football.

Sasha Stringer

Staff Writer

Hello fellow Pinnacle readers! Sasha Stringer here! Under my fantastic editors, Lucy Jones and Brooke Leggat, I am a staff writer for Crest and Sports. When I am not writing or thinking of new story ideas, I am probably drowning in other school work. If the weather allows, I go hiking, play sand volleyball and hang out at the lakes! I am a senior this year and I really enjoy not doing math homework, playing volleyball, and when the weather in Bend is above 40! 

Wesley Gilbride

Staff Writer

Wesley Gilbride is a junior at Summit High School and it’s her first year as a writer for the Pinnacle. When she isn’t drowning in homework or coming up with a new story idea, you may find Wesley taking her daily nap—it’s a necessity. She loves fashion, and putting together a new outfit is her main motivator to start the day. With that comes an unhealthy shopping addiction, so she sells clothes on Depop to feel less guilty about spending all of her money. You can also find her on the tennis courts or working at Sparrow Bakery, so hit her up if you ever want some day-old pastries!

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