Isabella’s Book Recommendations (pt. 2)

By: Isabella Cornutt Graceling by Kristin Cashore Picked by The Oprah Magazine for books to read over quarantine, Graceling is a perfect mix between Maze Runner, Hunger Games, and Divergent. The Young Adult fantasy novel is based in a world where some of the population is gifted in a skill, which could be as harmless as the gift of a green thumb or as deadly … Continue reading Isabella’s Book Recommendations (pt. 2)

Bendite Culture: Staying Active through COVID-19

By: Brooke Leggat Look outside your suburban home in northwest crossing and you may notice a similar theme of lululemon leggings and sweat streaked faces on the mission for fitness. This is the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic as Bendites find alternative ways of exercising. While Oregon’s pandemic protocol lowers the bar on community guidelines, some of Bend’s favorite workout outlets have closed their … Continue reading Bendite Culture: Staying Active through COVID-19

The Shock of Pass/Fail Grades

By: Emily Orman With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting every aspect of life, it comes at no surprise that grades are the newest addition to the never ending list. Instead of receiving a letter grade at the end of the semester that contributes toward an overall GPA, students in Oregon will now receive a pass/incomplete grade. This means that any student above a 60% at the … Continue reading The Shock of Pass/Fail Grades

“Social Distancing” and What That Means to Bendites

By: Madison Chambers On a beautiful sunny day, mass amounts of people flock to the dusty trails of Bend to enjoy the weather and exercise. But there is a problem with this flocking, and no, this problem is not limited to the possibility of catching or spreading  Covid-19 virus. Instead, it pertains to the decreasing amounts of friendliness that these trail-goers give to other passerbys.  … Continue reading “Social Distancing” and What That Means to Bendites

What Will the Summer Bring?

By: Sasha Stringer As quickly as the coronavirus outbreak has been maturing, the question of what summer will look like in Bend has been on every resident’s mind.  With the prime vacation season approaching, many are wondering whether to pursue their travel plans to the Oregon coast, or to stay hunkered at home to float the river everyday and continue supporting local restaurants.  “For Bend … Continue reading What Will the Summer Bring?

Empty-Your-Pantry Recipes

By: Brooke Leggat In my countless hours of browsing the web (and TikTok, of course), I have learned over this unprecedented time of quarantine to get creative with my cooking. With shelves in grocery stores completely cleared of even the simplest ingredients, I have relied on what I already have in my house, and the results have been nothing shy of incredible. Whether you have … Continue reading Empty-Your-Pantry Recipes

Senior Living Facilities Implement Changes to Their Policies Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

By: Madison Chambers With a pandemic threatening the health of all, many are turning their attention toward the most at-risk members of Central Oregon. “I’m definitely worried about this pandemic because a lot of my extended family are at-risk members, so I am concerned about them getting sick,” said Storm senior Fiona Silver. Many of these higher-risk members are adults residing in senior living facilities, … Continue reading Senior Living Facilities Implement Changes to Their Policies Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

All American: The New High School Classic

By: Emily Orman Family. Football. Friendship. All American, a CW TV show and Netflix favorite has returned for a second season. And no one is complaining.  Centered around the life of talented football player Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), All American works to show the reader the truth behind high school football in America, specifically in cutthroat competitive locations with money to spend like Beverly Hills. … Continue reading All American: The New High School Classic

Quarantine Quandaries

By: Viansa Reid Author’s Note: I’ve spent way too much time with my family these past few weeks, so in light of the world’s situation, I wrote a multi-perspective story through two different ages and a naïve point of view. This story represents a possible day of mishaps for a Storm family during quarantine. Teenager: I’m a good kid I swear. My parents said they … Continue reading Quarantine Quandaries