Bryce Vine’s Newest Album “Mixed Feelings”

By Jared Brees, Staff Writer With summer right around the corner now is the time to spice-up your summer playlist with some fresh songs. The question is what songs are worthy of being in your playlist? Luckily popular artist, Bryce Vine, has come through for the people once again. Vine’s music could be described as upbeat hip hop that will lift the mood, and this … Continue reading Bryce Vine’s Newest Album “Mixed Feelings”

Lizzy McAlpine: When the World Stopped Moving

By Ella Messih, Staff Writer Lizzy Mcalpine, an up and coming indie/alternative artist, blows every other singer songwriter out of the water with her second album, capturing the raw emotions of loss, heartbreak and indescribable feelings that can’t be communicated through conversation. McAlpine is a 21-year- old girl from Philadelphia. She spent her recent years studying at the Berklee College of Music but then proceeded … Continue reading Lizzy McAlpine: When the World Stopped Moving

“Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit”

By India Slodki, Features Editor Courtney Barnett’s “Elevator Operator,” the opening track of her 2015 album “Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit,” makes me want to stomp my way into oblivion. A marching drum line drives through Barnett’s story about Oliver Paul, a 20-year- old office worker seeking respite from the humdrum of office life.  “Sometimes I Sit and Think and … Continue reading “Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit”

“Clench to Stay Awake” by The Garden

By Emily Smart Released in March, “Clench To Stay Awake” is the lead track of The Garden’s new album, ​Kiss My Superbowl Ring. ​The band—consisting of twin-duo Fletcher and Wyatt Shears, prioritizes classic punk sounds and sentiments throughout their wide range of musical influences. Epitaph Records produced the album, an alt-rock company founded by Brett Gurewitz of the 90s punk staple, Bad Religion. Gurewitz’s grungy, … Continue reading “Clench to Stay Awake” by The Garden

Taylor Swift’s “Folklore”

By: Emma Andersen Though Taylor Swift is more recently known for clean cut chart-toppers, Swift’s new album “folklore” reverts back to her “Tim McGraw era” with slower underlying tones and indie influences. She has ditched the good girl pop vibe and traded it for an array of alluring cello, piano, and lyrics that capture listeners’ imagination. While Swift displays a new style, the break-up-song-to-get-you-over-any-ex-lover feel … Continue reading Taylor Swift’s “Folklore”

Paparazzi Lightning

By: Barbara Norton  I can vividly remember the first time I heard “Sad Sad City,” the sixth track off of Ghostland Observatory’s Paparazzi Lightning. I had fallen down the YouTube indietronica rabbit hole and landed on a grainy concert video from 2007 with barely any views.  Once the video focused I was introduced to a scuffed stage, laden with speakers and wires and lit only … Continue reading Paparazzi Lightning

“Happy & Sad” By Kacey Musgraves

By: Brooke Leggat Kacey Musgraves has always been my go-to artist whenever I want to feel a certain type of way. With songs ranging from tangy, country love songs to upbeat pop-ish country crossover, I just can’t get enough. It’s safe to say, I’m a pretty big fan.  Though I listen to all of Musgraves’ songs on repeat in the shower, at the gym, in … Continue reading “Happy & Sad” By Kacey Musgraves