Revisiting Season 4 of “Rick and Morty”

By Emi Smart, Staff Writer Over the last seven years, Adult Swim cartoon “Rick And Morty” has developed a varied cult following: Elon Musk incels, Reddit-dwelling communists and conspiracy theory potheads, among others. Spread through seven years after just four seasons, the intergalactic adventures of a brilliant nihilist and his puberty-ridden grandson have become one of the most beloved adult cartoons of all time. The scheduled … Continue reading Revisiting Season 4 of “Rick and Morty”

Disney’s “Cruella”

“Cruella” is a spectacular back story of one of Disney’s iconic female villains. By Elliana Bowers, Staff Writer Aspiring fashion designer, Cruella, is out for her boss’s skin, seeking revenge, in this righteous film set in ‘70’s London, starring the fabulous Emmas—Stone and Thompson—in a rivalistic, dynamic pairing. The Disney movie serves as an excellent origin story for this iconic villain. Drawing on the 1996 Disney … Continue reading Disney’s “Cruella”

Soul Eater

By Sophia Thomas I grew up with two older brothers, both of whom were notably weebs. Pokemon games, Magic the Gathering, and science fiction replaced sunday morning cartoons in our household. Of all my brothers’ nerdy indoctrinations, the one that I by far loved the most was anime. The sheer variety of animation styles, genres, and series was enough to fully draw me in. I … Continue reading Soul Eater

The Midnight Gospel

By Natasha Visnack While some of the most recent Netflix Originals attempt to engage viewers through shock and wonderment, The Midnight Gospel greets viewers with a meditative, yet insightful experience. As we follow our guide, an alien video caster named Clancy, on his interviews throughout the universe via a broken down old world simulator, we are greeted by scenes of violence and disarray displayed in … Continue reading The Midnight Gospel


By Thomas Schwiebert Euphoria: a show with grueling depictions of everything but. Dripping with licentious scenes of sex and drugs, the show manages to submerge your heart in an emulsion of curious captivation and abject horror. Based on the Isralie drama of the same name, Euphoria tells the story of an unstrung teen drama that frantically spirals deeper into the stratum of carnal desire and … Continue reading Euphoria


By: Brooke Leggat I have watched my fair share of horror movies and, oddly enough, have even dabbled in a few cult documentaries. Neither, however, prepared my eyes for the horrifying mixture of the two in 2019’s Midsommar. A recent warm and exciting summer night with a friend soon turned cold and eerie following my login to my Amazon Prime Video account. The opening of … Continue reading Midsommar

“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 16 Review

By: Emily Orman Doctors. Death. Drama. Grey’s Anatomy, a teenage and adult favorite that seems to convince any viewer to strive to become a surgeon, recently released its 16th season on Netflix.  As usual, the season follows Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her colleagues as they balance surgical cases and their personal lives. However, Season 16 focuses primarily on the social aspect of the hospital, … Continue reading “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 16 Review

Outer Banks

By: Ellie Skjersaa Netflix has certainly been on a roll by continuing to provide all of us couch addicts with binge-worthy shows during quarantine. This time, introducing us all to the life of Pogues and Kooks. The show is set in Outer Banks, North Carolina where two very distinct classes, the Kooks: the rich, spoiled, royalty of the island, and the Pogues: the common laborers … Continue reading Outer Banks

Money Heist: A Captivating Thriller From Minute One

By: Parker Meredith Brilliant. Powerful. Genius. Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel (“The House of Paper”) as it is known in Spain, has enthralled fans around the world. Stemming off from the classic heist plot, Money Heist features levels upon levels of a beautifully written story, transporting viewers from their couches straight into the Royal Mint of Spain.  Money Heist, a Spanish crime drama, … Continue reading Money Heist: A Captivating Thriller From Minute One

Miss Americana

By: Emily Orman From drama-filled docuseries like Cheer to real-crime episodes that transport you  into a maximum security prison like I Am A Killer, documentaries have been on the rise on Netflix. A new addition to this list is Miss Americana, a documentary about the face of pop music herself: Taylor Swift.  In just under an hour and a half, Miss Americana invites the viewer … Continue reading Miss Americana


By Jane Nyman CHEER: the Netflix docuseries that is changing perceptions of cheerleaders with each stream. The docuseries highlights Navarro Community Colleges’ cheerleading program as the fight for their fourteenth national title.  After my two-day binge session of CHEER, I realized that in reality, it’s not that hard for the Navarro team to win the national title. There’s only one other team in their division, … Continue reading CHEER