Snapchat: is it benefiting or harming us?

By Viansa Reid, Co-Editor-in-Chief Senior Chelsea Mayer wakes up and gets ready for school. As she is brushing her teeth, a wave of panic overwhelms her. Did she forget to send her streaks? She scrambles to grab her phone, frantically opening the app. The fire emoji still next to each person’s name, her conscience floods with relief as she realizes she didn’t lose any streaks. … Continue reading Snapchat: is it benefiting or harming us?

Spotify Vs Apple: The Not-So-Complex Debate

By Emma Andersen, Staff Writer I was just sitting in the car listening to the subtle, yet classy bassline of Arctic Monkeys’ hit “Snap Out Of It” when my friend asked me to switch the next song. I paused, stuck on the realization that I was absolutely oblivious to the Spotify world; the shuffle skip and cue buttons seemed to be nowhere in sight and … Continue reading Spotify Vs Apple: The Not-So-Complex Debate

Astrology during an Age of Isolation: The Rise in Popularity of Astrology

By Wesley Gilbride, Staff Writer     As early as 3000 BC, Babylonians used astrology to make sense of the universe; they believed that the constellations and planets at the moment someone was born could predict their character. Thousands of years later, teenagers—including Summit students—are using that same ideology to guide them through their lives and tell themselves about their personalities.              “Astrology is currently enjoying a broad … Continue reading Astrology during an Age of Isolation: The Rise in Popularity of Astrology

Lil Storm: Behind Summit’s SoundCloud Scene

By Barbara Norton, Editor-in-Chief In the mid-2010’s, teens made the switch from DIY duct tape wallets to DIY hip-hop, thanks in part to the popularization of music-sharing platform SoundCloud. Characterized by its complete lack of gatekeeping, SoundCloud gave any humble hopeful the chance at a golden ticket—instead of touring the Chocolate factory, though, they’d get a record deal and worldwide fame.  For SoundCloud’s early success … Continue reading Lil Storm: Behind Summit’s SoundCloud Scene

The Age of Virtual Theatre: How Summit theatre is adapting to Covid-19 restrictions and a virtual environment

By Emma Andersen, Staff Writer Amidst a devastating pandemic, schools across the U.S. have tried adapting their online platforms to support a virtual theatre experience that keeps participants engaged and learning—but it’s proved to be a struggle. Despite the difficulties, Summit’s theatre club and various classes have successfully adapted to create a slew of events and opportunities that allow students to further their techniques while … Continue reading The Age of Virtual Theatre: How Summit theatre is adapting to Covid-19 restrictions and a virtual environment

The Rise of Videogames During Quarantine

By Viansa Reid, Editor-in-Chief My friends and I whip out our phones, log on to “Among Us” and start the game. I’m an Imposter. So is Iz. We corner people to kill them and vent to stay unsuspected, but someone has found a dead body. Already? Who are people suspecting? Kai says Mel and everyone agrees. I follow Quinn into Storage, pretending to do tasks … Continue reading The Rise of Videogames During Quarantine

Covid Conscious Consignment: How Covid-19 has Changed Thrifting

You hear the ding of a little bell on the door handle as you step inside, the smell of the old clothes not quite reaching your nose, as it once did, due to the mask encircling the better half of your face. You head into the aisle on your right, making note of the bright orange arrows on the floor directing the flow of traffic. … Continue reading Covid Conscious Consignment: How Covid-19 has Changed Thrifting

Virtual Love

By Lucy Jones After watching the newly released Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma,” I instantly deleted 75 percent of the apps on my phone. The documentary gives insight into just how much social media has taken over society–and how little most people know about its direct impact on our personal lives. Our phones are the basis of our communication, and our dependence on them has … Continue reading Virtual Love

Review: The Midnight Gospel

By Natasha Visnack While some of the most recent Netflix Originals attempt to engage viewers through shock and wonderment, The Midnight Gospel greets viewers with a meditative, yet insightful experience. As we follow our guide, an alien video caster named Clancy, on his interviews throughout the universe via a broken down old world simulator, we are greeted by scenes of violence and disarray displayed in … Continue reading Review: The Midnight Gospel

Review: “Clench to Stay Awake” by The Garden

By Emily Smart Released in March, “Clench To Stay Awake” is the lead track of The Garden’s new album, ​Kiss My Superbowl Ring. ​The band—consisting of twin-duo Fletcher and Wyatt Shears, prioritizes classic punk sounds and sentiments throughout their wide range of musical influences. Epitaph Records produced the album, an alt-rock company founded by Brett Gurewitz of the 90s punk staple, Bad Religion. Gurewitz’s grungy, … Continue reading Review: “Clench to Stay Awake” by The Garden

Review: Euphoria

By Thomas Schwiebert Euphoria: a show with grueling depictions of everything but. Dripping with licentious scenes of sex and drugs, the show manages to submerge your heart in an emulsion of curious captivation and abject horror. Based on the Isralie drama of the same name, Euphoria tells the story of an unstrung teen drama that frantically spirals deeper into the stratum of carnal desire and … Continue reading Review: Euphoria

Review: Taylor Swift’s “Folklore”

By: Emma Andersen Though Taylor Swift is more recently known for clean cut chart-toppers, Swift’s new album “folklore” reverts back to her “Tim McGraw era” with slower underlying tones and indie influences. She has ditched the good girl pop vibe and traded it for an array of alluring cello, piano, and lyrics that capture listeners’ imagination. While Swift displays a new style, the break-up-song-to-get-you-over-any-ex-lover feel … Continue reading Review: Taylor Swift’s “Folklore”

“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 16 Review

By: Emily Orman Doctors. Death. Drama. Grey’s Anatomy, a teenage and adult favorite that seems to convince any viewer to strive to become a surgeon, recently released its 16th season on Netflix.  As usual, the season follows Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her colleagues as they balance surgical cases and their personal lives. However, Season 16 focuses primarily on the social aspect of the hospital, … Continue reading “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 16 Review

Pandemic-Approved Restaurants

By: Viansa Reid Excited by Phase One, Bendites slowly began allowing people inside restaurants, but what about the restaurants killing the takeout game during the heat of the pandemic? And what about all those folks who still don’t feel comfortable dining indoors? These restaurants worked tirelessly to create a safe and smart environment and have  continued to produce delicious, affordable food. Wild Rose  150 NW … Continue reading Pandemic-Approved Restaurants

Good News June

By: Hannah Kenneth No one can overlook the overwhelming struggle, pain, and fear that has overshadowed this year. The media is ultra accessible today, stretching to almost every social media platform, making it so that you never miss a beat and almost always know whats going on in the world. It is often hard to escape the terrible news, both domestically and abroad. I have … Continue reading Good News June

Three Must-Make Disney Recipes

By: Madison Chambers Hello fellow food lovers! I am an average, no cooking experience, junior in highschool. During the pandemic, I noticed a trend of recipes being released for famous Disney Park foods that many students might have gotten to enjoy if our spring break plans didn’t get canceled.  Upon my realization that students would be missing out on the delicious, mostly unhealthy treats that … Continue reading Three Must-Make Disney Recipes

Two Must Have Backyard Games for the Summer

By: Parker Meredith Spikeball After it’s launch in 2008, Spikeball quickly sparked the attention of many. With its simplicity and portability, you can play anywhere and everywhere. Most likely, you too, have watched a round of spikeball being played by others at the beach, park or backyard. With a mix between volleyball and handball, two teams take turns alternating hitting the ball of the trampoline. … Continue reading Two Must Have Backyard Games for the Summer