The Rise of Videogames During Quarantine

By Viansa Reid, Editor-in-Chief

My friends and I whip out our phones, log on to “Among Us” and start the game. I’m an Imposter. So is Iz. We corner people to kill them and vent to stay unsuspected, but someone has found a dead body. Already? Who are people suspecting? Kai says Mel and everyone agrees. I follow Quinn into Storage, pretending to do tasks and as my thumb hovers over the kill button, Aja enters the room. Damn. I hurry off to another “task” in Electrical and hope no one suspects me.

Originally released in June 2018, “Among Us” resurfaced this summer after multiple Twitch and youtubers began to play/stream the game. Many people latched onto this trend, hooking their friends along the way.

“I met up with some friends one night and they were all playing [Among Us],” said senior Max Haverland. “I decided to download it to play with them and ended up having a fun time.”

 The goal is to finish all of the tasks if you are a Crewmate, or to kill everyone if you are an Imposter.

“You’ve got to find out who the imposters are and you can make or lose some friendships with all of the accusations regarding this game but it’s all fun and games in the end,” said senior Dylan Noren.

Though the game is fun to play with random people, getting together with 10 people –which is within COVID-19 regulations– provides a greater experience and game.

“[Among Us] became popular because everyone now has a game to play to stay linked during this time of uncertainty,” said senior Izzy Sproba. “It’s really fun to meet up with a small group to see friends after not being able to for such a long time.”

“Among Us” isn’t the only game that’s gained popularity. Since quarantine, gamers are reverting to older games from their childhood such as Minecraft, COD (Call of Duty) and Forza Horizon out of weariness from newer games.

“I think quarantine is bringing back a lot of games because I remember Minecraft going in and out of style a lot but with quarantine it felt like everybody was playing it,” said senior Kate Stamps. “I think most games are making comebacks and people are going back to their old games because quarantine brought us all a lot of boredom.”

Because of COVID-19 isolating students from seeing their friends, people have become more in touch with their gamer side to stay in contact with their companions.

“I’d say gaming trends haven’t really changed, the main trend is people playing more “Among Us” and video games in general especially during quarantine to keep in touch with their friends,” said senior Jack Dehmer.

Online gaming establishes a community and while we are all in isolation, any form of feeling connected to friends is imperative.

“I think games with other people have come into fruition because people are feeling isolated from their friends and it’s a method to stay connected to each other,” said junior Max Andersen.

Though COVID-19 has kept everyone apart, people have found creative ways to keep in contact with others and have fun doing it.

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