Pandemic-Approved Restaurants

By: Viansa Reid

Excited by Phase One, Bendites slowly began allowing people inside restaurants, but what about the restaurants killing the takeout game during the heat of the pandemic? And what about all those folks who still don’t feel comfortable dining indoors? These restaurants worked tirelessly to create a safe and smart environment and have  continued to produce delicious, affordable food.

Wild Rose 

150 NW Oregon Ave.

(541) 382-0441

Hours: Sun-Thu: 11am-9pm

Fri, Sat: 11am-10pm

Wild Rose isn’t exactly a drive-thru—the restaurant is located in the heart of downtown (aka a zero-parking zone), but the business created a drive-up area so customers can receive their food from masked workers—all from the safety of their own car. Genius! (The food is worth the minor build-up of cars that tends to follow peak dinner hours.) 

El Sancho (new west side location)

335 NE Galveston Ave.

(458) 206-5973

Hours: Wed, Thu, Sun: 11am-9pm

Fri, Sat: 11am-10pm

The beloved restaurant El Sancho recently opened a third location on Galveston Ave. where Longboard Louie’s used to be. Their pandemic protocol is different from a curbside pickup situation, and instead features two walk-up windows! One window is for ordering food and eating outside and the other is for picking up takeout. After ordering your food, they will deliver it to your table. I went to El Sancho for my birthday dinner and had a very fun (and very safe) time eating delicious tacos!


375 SW Powderhouse Dr. 

(541) 749-1060

Hours: 11:30am-8pm everyday

Pastini is staying true to their usual friendliness during the pandemic while also managing the physical distancing mandates. All employees wear masks when delivering curbside pickups and do so with a smile.

“Pastini had really nice over-the-phone customer service and ordering food was easy,” said local Pastini enthusiast and junior Emma Harris. “They also had signs outside the restaurant to let other people know how to pick up and order food while keeping things clean and safe.”

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