Three Must-Make Disney Recipes

By: Madison Chambers

Hello fellow food lovers!

I am an average, no cooking experience, junior in highschool. During the pandemic, I noticed a trend of recipes being released for famous Disney Park foods that many students might have gotten to enjoy if our spring break plans didn’t get canceled. 

Upon my realization that students would be missing out on the delicious, mostly unhealthy treats that are usually a highlight of visiting the parks, I decided to try my hand at recreating three “summer worthy” recipes. I rated these recipes on a scale of one through five for how time effective these recipes are, how safe they are for a highschooler to make, and for how easy it is for a person with no cooking experience to make. 

The first item I made was the staple “Dole Whip.” This three ingredient frozen yogurt hybrid recipe was incredibly simple and can be found here. The recipe does call for frozen pineapple, but as I am allergic to pineapple, I swapped it for frozen strawberries.

When sticking these ingredients into a blender, I didn’t know that the liquids should go first, and so blending the ingredients ended up becoming a hassle. I had to add water to get my blender to work properly, resulting in a more smoothie-like version of the “Dole Whip.” Nevertheless, it still tasted delicious and didn’t take too much time to make.

I gave this a five in the time effective category as it took me a little over ten minutes to make (even with my blender mishap). I gave it a four for safety since it does require a blender, which can be a little dangerous to use. Then, I rated the easy category a four as well, since all you have to do is put the ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth. 

The next “summer” recipe I made was the “Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich” that can be found here. As you might tell from the title, this recipe is cheese heavy and will fill up your stomach pretty quickly. The recipe called for heavy cream, but I made an alternative that was low-calorie by mixing cornstarch and milk together. 

This recipe was by far the most savory (as long as you like garlic). As a cooking newbie, I had no clue that cream cheese in a sandwich could taste so good. Even though this was a messy sandwich and dripped cheese everywhere, my family and I really enjoyed it.

Compared to the typical grilled cheese, this one was not as simple as a “slap together and cook” kind of sandwich. It took the most time out of the other two recipes, but it was worth it! I gave it a two in time effectiveness since there are so many steps that go into making it. The sandwich does need a food processor and a stove, which made this recipe a bit dangerous and complex, so I rated it a four in safety. How easy it is for a person to make comes down to how well one can use kitchen appliances, so I gave the recipe a three since I am not so familiar with the use of kitchen appliances (although the recipe does go into a bit of detail on which settings of the kitchen appliances should be used). 

The very last recipe I made was the “Disneyland Style Hand Dipped Corn Dogs” that can be found here. I split all of the ingredients in half since the serving size was eight and I only have four people in my family.

The corn dogs were very delicious and I enjoyed how they weren’t thickly breaded like the corn dogs one might find in the frozen aisle at Safeway. I wouldn’t recommend biting directly into the corn dog after letting it cool down. Instead, insert a knife into the breading of the corn dog in a few different areas to make sure that there aren’t any grease pockets that could burn you.

These were quick to make after mixing the batter together, so I rated the time effectiveness of the corn dogs as a four. The safety level of this recipe dropped to a three since you had to deal with hot grease, which can easily burn you. It was a simple recipe and the only thing you had to worry about was making the batter and heating the grease, so I gave it a four in the easy to make category.

When dipping the corn dogs into the grease, make sure the grease is at or a little under 350 degrees farenheit because my corn dogs became a bit burnt when I wasn’t watching the temperature. 

Overall, these “summer worthy” Disney recipes were delicious and my family and I enjoyed them. If you were planning on visiting Disney’s parks before the pandemic hit, these come to a pretty close resemblance to what you would buy there (minus the rides). On average, all of these recipes were easy to follow and turned out great! As a newbie, I thought these were a good intro into the realm of cooking. I definitely recommend you give these a try while everyone is stuck at home!

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