The Optimism of COVID-19

By: Hannah Kenneth

Hopefully this post finds you in the comfort of your own home where you should be social distancing. However, in the event that you should venture outside your humble dwelling you may notice signs of life and hope from your fellow Bendites. 

On a leisurely stroll through Downtown Bend and its surrounding area I was exposed to a kind of pandemic secret language: love. For whatever reason it is this emotion that people choose to express most freely during this time. Look past the confusion, past the fear, past the uncertainty, and you will find love. 

I have found that love and hope are some of the most powerful things in this world. These are the very things keeping us humans alive and acting sensibly. And as a reminder to do your part in this pandemic by lowering infection rates. 

Sometimes all that is needed to keep one sane and motivated are these small gestures of kindness. Seeing the many examples of social distancing love has provided me with a new outlook on the pandemic-or at least a more hopeful one. While also reminding me how important my job as an individual is to social distance. 

So for now sit tight and quarantine just a bit longer with the knowledge that our community is supporting you in the silent and little acts. This is Bend’s way of showing its togetherness without being together. 

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