Quarantine Quandaries Part II

By: Viansa Reid
Teenager: Mother decided to make an executive decision on behalf of both of my parents to unground me because she thought it was unfair. Yes! Although, I realized I wanted my phone back because I was suffering from FOMO. I get all of the information I want to know from my phone and it’s my way of contacting people. But now that I have my phone, I become distracted easily from my school work. It seems like I’ve used it for only a couple minutes but when I glance at the clock, I’ve just used my phone for 45 minutes. I don’t want to turn into a teenager who is addicted to their phone!

Sibling: I got to hangout with my friends! I told my parents I was going on a bike ride to the Lair, but changed my mind mid-ride and went to the Old Mill instead. I went there hoping to see some friends and just my luck, I knew some people there. I lost track of time and realized I left the house over three hours ago… oops. I didn’t think it was a big deal so I texted my parents that I was running late, and started biking back home. I looked up at the hill that I would have to climb to get home and was suddenly filled with doubt. I got so distracted within my thoughts that I went off of the sidewalk and crashed. I was so overwhelmed that tears began to run down my cheeks and I walked my bike the rest of the way. Then I got a text from my sister saying our parents were livid with me and that she was going to pick me up. UGH! Why is the world against me right now? I just wanted to have fun with my friends!

Father: It is difficult for me to see where my kids are coming from. My son was not given permission from us to meet up with his friends. He told us he was going to the Lair, not the Old Mill! He is 14 so I thought he would have the common sense to let us know where he is going. Why didn’t he learn from his sister’s mistake? It is infuriating to me that I have to baby my child, he needs to learn how to use his head! It is time for him to realize that mistakes result in consequences…

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