Quarantine Quandaries

By: Viansa Reid

Author’s Note: I’ve spent way too much time with my family these past few weeks, so in light of the world’s situation, I wrote a multi-perspective story through two different ages and a naïve point of view. This story represents a possible day of mishaps for a Storm family during quarantine.

Teenager: I’m a good kid I swear. My parents said they were okay with me going out to see my friends six feet apart, but they grounded me when I came home. There was never a timeframe put on how long I could stay out but apparently what I did was too much. ‘You were irresponsible,’ they said. ‘You should’ve used common sense,’ they said. ‘We never even left our cars!’ I said.

The days that followed after my grounding MY PARENTS had people over and my parents definitely WEREN’T staying six feet apart from their friends. Hypocrites! I relayed this perceived injustice to my father to which he replied, ‘We never left the house.’ (Does he not trust me that I stayed in one spot the whole time? This feels ridiculous.)

Sibling: It’s so unfair. My sister gets to see her friends, why can’t I? It doesn’t matter that she got grounded and all of her electronic devices were taken away, she still got to see her friends. I’ve been a teenager for over a year now, I have rights you know. At that I could least I have Snap now because of the bet my dad lost haha. I’m just that good at wheelieing my bike. Maybe I’ll tell my parents I’m going on a bike ride to the Lair but actually go to the Old Mill and meet up with my friends…

The Dog: It is so nice that my family is home all of the time! We go on walks and runs. Just today we explored an area of Shevlin Park we had never been to before. I got to go off-leash and chase my brother and sister while they were biking ahead of my mom and dad. But that was very tiring and now I’m very sleepy. I can’t wait for our next adventure tomorrow! I love all this attention and play time!

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