El Sancho Expands to the Westside

By: Anika Groener

Ask any Bend local about the well-known taco shop El Sancho and you’re guaranteed to get a positive response. The beloved Mexican street food shack has since grown into a taco shop on the Eastside of Bend, a taco cart and BBQ cart.

Jon Barvels, co-owner of El Sancho, kick started the El Sancho taco shack in 2010. Since then, El Sancho’s mission has been to sustainably provide Bend with high-quality street food, at an affordable price and in a sustainable manner. This mission has grown along with all the locations around Bend. 

“For years El Sancho has been my go-to for a quick, easy, and affordable meal, while enjoying the wide assortment of $3 tacos paired with the laid back environment” said senior Maya Canfield. 

Recently, El Sancho has been rumored to be taking over Longboard Louie’s former location on Galveston, revamping the space to create another taco shop. Hallowed among Storm students, Westside Longboard Louie’s was a quick and cost-effective place to grab a bite before it closed in December 2019. Since the closing, Bendites- and especially Storm students- have been asking the question everyone wants to know: “is El Sancho taking the place of Westside Longboard Louie’s?” 

El Sancho Front House Manager Jeanine Lacore recently confirmed these rumors, revealing a Westside location will open April 1, 2020.

The new taco shop will provide Bend with yet another cheap and delicious meal, only minutes away from downtown. Additionally, the Westside El Sancho will serve as a new food option for Summit students looking for a quick bite during lunch. 

“A lot of people within the community have been asking about the opening of another location, so when the opportunity presented itself, the owners wanted to take advantage of it,” Lacore said.

The excitement surrounding the grand opening of the taco shop in April is the perfect spring treat for students and other Bend residents.

“At this point, we are going to have a pared-down menu, including the classics such as fried plantains and Sancho bowls. For now we are keeping the menu simple and toned down, but eventually we may have special items,” Lacore said.

The owners and employees seem thrilled as the transition into another location manifests. The funky and unique taco shop will further provide Bend with an enriching and local eating option. 

“On a scale of 1 to 10 of excitement, we are at an 11!” Lacore said.

Now that we know the rumors of a new El Sancho have been confirmed, we can only hope the Westside El Sancho will live up to the legacy the other El Sancho locations established- and Longboard Louie’s iconic legacy as well. 

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