The not so Secret Life of Pets

By: Jane Nyman

As I sit here, trying to come up with a story to write about, I realize I have hit writer’s block. I turn to Google for ideas, and in return Google gives me: “write about if your pet as if they were a person”. Okay, Google. Here I go. 

On the day I’m writing this, it just happens to be “National Love Your Pet Day”- how fitting. I have three pets: a goldendoodle dog named Phoebe, an orange cat named Kitten and a white cat named Big. I love them to death and have different relationships with each one. 

Kitten lounges on my bed 24/7, and he often wakes me up with his squeaky- and somewhat alarming- meow every morning. If Kitten was a person he would be like a newborn baby, he cries when you don’t give him attention, sleeps all the time and is a little chubby. 

Big is the lover, he is quiet, intentional and purrs & cuddles ALL. DAY. LONG. If Big was a person he would be a president, he loves his land and his people. He voices his opinions (A.K.A when he wants food) and he is very independent (if it’s not obvious enough in the picture above). 

Phoebe is crazy, she keeps my family and I on our feet and there is never a dull moment.

If Phoebe was a person she would be an 8 year old. She is a master of getting what she wants. Phoebe is filled with energy, zest and curiosity for the world around her- mostly curiosity of who has a treat in their hand.

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