Moisture Must-Haves to Achieve Perfect Lips

By: Franny Rogers


Despite popular belief, I am not an overly obsessed lip balm consumer. I just find the delicacy in owning 500 lip balms at a time. I own a bag specifically designated to my 30 different lip balms. From tin cans to a push balm, you name it, I own it. Fifty percent of my well-established collection is made up of my favorite, Burt’s Bees. Burt is always a  wonderful addition to my collection and stands at the top of the pedestal for top balm of every year. I intend inform my lovely ,OCD-ridden lip balm consumers what 2020s top moisture must-haves look like, independently selected by me, myself and I. Whether you’re a dry skin-ed individual battling the winter months or a user of Accutane, these must-haves will work perfectly for each and every one of you.


Lip Balm is a staple in every lip gurus bag, so it is critical that our favorite balm hits the criteria for best balms of 2020, for flavor, treatment, looks, and price!

Moisture/Ingredients: When gazing the aisles for the perfect balm, it is important to look for a multi-task balm that is going to leave your lips moisturized and soft. Try scouting out a balm that is going to perform double duty, or even a triple duty to achieving a perfectly moisturized, whether the ingredients include SPF, natural based oils, or natural healing remedies. 

Flavor: Taste is key to finding the perfect balm, as the whole point of the balm is to look, make and help your lips taste divine! Determine which scent appeals to your sense and go forward from there. Whether it is a Pomegranate Passion or a Mighty Mint, taste is crucial to finding your perfect balm.

Look: When buying a balm, it is important to read the ingredients and determine if the balm seems like it is going to give you a smooth, grease-free look with a subtle flush of color that stays throughout the day. 

Price: Searching for the right balm entails spending countless dollars until you find the balm that suits you. That can tend to get a little pricey and drain your bank account faster than you can say Balmtastic, so it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into with price when looking through your options and finding an affordable fit to wear.

(*Out of 5 star rating)

Kiehl’s Lip Balm

Moisturizer/Ingredients: Kiehl’s is “doing it right” when one calls for healing and moisture. Kiehl’s is the ultimate strategy to achieving those moist, plump lips for hours on end as it heals and softens without fail, according to Erin Parker, a glamor journalist for Glamour magazine. Kiehl’s balm is formulated with Squalane, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E, leaving your lips replenished and refreshed after every application. Ultimate lip softener…are those fairytale clouds or Kiehl’s applicant on your lips?

Flavor: Looking for a multi flavor balm with a plethora of flavor varieties? With Kiehl’s you’re in luck! Kiehl’s balms come in 6 scents: Vanilla , Coconut, Mango, Pear, Cranberry and Mint (original). Personally, the Vanilla is my absolute favorite, as I am left smelling like Vanilla Bean ice cream.

Look: Simple but chic. Kihel’s has the consistency that leaves your lips shiny and moist with an afterglow look. The water and oil-based properties give natural glow as well as a glossy look when applied. 

Price: You wouldn’t be surprised that our  famous friend Kiehl’s is on the more costly side when looking at price. Kiehl’s “drugstore” balm comes to a price of $9.50 on shelf. Although it is definitelyon the spendier side, you’ll be happy to hear the tube is larger than your average Joe balm at .5 oz. With a consistency like no other, you won’t regret your decision to buy!

Overall: 4/5 STARS- “Love” – Jennie Jace, a current Kiehl’s super fan.

Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Moisturizer/Ingredients: Burt’s Bees is a customer classic when it comes to the top moisture must have. Burt’s Bees, being my personal favorite, is made from natural beeswax and vitamin based oils (Vitamin E and C) that create a strong healing foundation that instantly seals moisture and hydrates your dry lips. Good for more than just your lips, Burt’s will help heal the dry skin on your hands, arms and face!

Flavor: This classic comes with 10 different flavor options, leaving you drooling over each. The 9 flavors include Peppermint (original), Vanilla, Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Coconut Pear (my absolute FAVORITE), Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Cucumber, Honey, Pomegranate and limited edition seasonal favorites such as Chai, Lemon, and Maple. The options are plentiful, making the the balm explorative and fun when choosing your favorite flavor.

Look: Not shiny or clumpy, but perfectly smooth and waxy. The Beeswax texture creates a light soft touch to your lips, leaving no colored residue behind no matter the flavor. “I love it because it’s not shiny or goopy; it’s just a simple, easy balm that keeps my lips hydrated and moisturized,” said Kristine Thomason, assistant editor of Health magazine.

Price: The price of Burt’s Bees makes it all that better… not only do you have a menu full of mouth-watering flavors with great hydration, but it is crazy affordable! Burt’s Bees costs $3.50 each, with a deal of 3 in 1 at $10 on the shelf. With the moisturization Burt’s provides, the price is an absolute steal. 

Overall: 5/5 STARS- “Practical, joyful, addictive” – Frances M. Rogers, aka your lip balm fairy godmother.

Chapstick: Classic Moisturizer Skin

Moisturizer/Ingredients: Looking for a balm that nurses those cracked lips back to health? Chapstick is the perfect candidate. Chapstick has up to a 6 hour moisture period according to Julia Naftulyin, an editorial assistant for Health magazine and  lip balm connoisseur. Chapstick has a combination of different artificial and natural-based oils, including Vitamin E and SPF properties. It leaves your lips smooth with a promise of 6 hour moisture and a silky smooth feel. Definitely my top three of the 2020 moisture must-haves. 

Flavor: YUM! YUM! YUM! Chapstick is not messing around when it comes to their flavors. Chapstick offers 9 different options from their classic collection, ranging from Strawberry to Spearmint, all of which offer an addictive taste that keeps application endless. Chapstick has earned the title of Americas #1 lip balm due to its pool of the most classic, dependable flavors, at least according to the company Chapstick itself. Strawberry is my favorite. Perfect for a humid spring day or a brisk day at the mountain.

Look: Clean, smooth, soft, Chapstick may be the closest thing to perfection on this planet. The cumulation of SPF and vitamin enriched oils promises a healthy, soft, angelic look to your lips, even hours later. It’s time to say goodbye to your 2019 ghost-lips of Christmas past and say hello to your new and improved lips.

Price: Coming in at the cheapest, Chapstick is by far the most affordable with a cost of $1.75 each. Chapstick’s cost-saving rates are a large reason for the popularity of the brand. It gives all my lip balm gurus the chance to fill their carts full of Americas favorite, and began their journey with dry free lip lifestyle.

Overall: 4/5 STARS- “Dependable, Affordable, Longlasting” -Wanda N, a current Beautie junkie.

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