Who’s trashing the Summit parking lot?

By Madison Chambers

As lunchtime comes to a close, Subarus and Nissan Accords with Yung Gravy blaring from the radio roar into the Storm parking lot. While students hustle through the doors of Summit, trash from lunch is often dropped or thrown, accumulating in the parking lot.

Although the interior of students’ cars are clean, the parking lot is not. Additionally, littering students often have no intention of cleaning up their haphazardly thrown soda cans, leaving other students and staff to clean up their mess.

“If we feel there is enough garbage out in the parking lot, we will get students, with gloves and trash bags, to go and pick up the garbage,” said Mary Thomas, assistant principal.

This should not be the case- other non-littering students should not have to pick up after the littering students.

So far, there are multiple trash cans on the islands of bushes and trees in the parking lot; however they are hardly being used. The most use the mundane gray trash cans see are during and after sports games, when the hot dog’s checkered picnic boats and sticky plastic candy wrappers are no longer filled with their enticing contents and must be thrown away before one enters their car.

“The [trash] used to be a lot worse before we had the school buy the trash cans, as they are expensive, and I think they have helped a lot since we have put them out in the [parking] lot,” said Kay Duncan, lead custodian.

Still, it’s surprising that 1800 students are incapable of keeping a singular, albeit vast, parking lot from filling with their favorite lunchtime snacks.

“This is everybody’s school, this is our house, take pride in it, don’t trash it,” Duncan said.

Despite the countless claims that Gen-Z is concerned for the environment, the issue of littering is evidently still prevalent in Summit. Seemingly stemming from the mindset that others will pick up your trash, this careless mindset allows toxic garbage to take center stage, outshining the good in Summit.

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