Actress spotlight: Isabella Torrance

By Ashlynn Bowles

The cold black floor under foot. A galaxy of burning hot lights shining down from the catwalks. The hundreds of sets of eyes, encapsulated by the action on stage. 

 This is a sensation that senior Isabella (Bella) Torrance relishes. 

“The first time you walk on stage and you feel everyone looking at you, is just a really cool feeling. You are out there and be open to everyone” Torrance said.

Torrance, who moved from Boca Raton, Florida the summer before her junior year, has already danced and sang her way into the heart of Bend’s theatre community.

Even moving across the country didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion. Theatre is a massive component of Torrance’s life and is something that has brought her much joy and success. 

“I never really belonged to a place, I used to be in band, I used to dance. I never really belonged somewhere where I could really put all of my creativity and talents into one and I found that with theatre. I have that place now” Torrance said.

Torrance’s first show in Oregon was White Christmas with the Summit Theatre Company. Throughout the fall and winter of 2018 she starred as a lead, Judy Hanes alongside Sophomore Emma Morton, who played her Betty Hanes, Judy’s sister. 

Morton and Torrance became extremely close throughout the show and Torrance remains an inspiration to Morton, even a year after their first show together. 

“Working with Bella is a privilege. She is such a talented individual and you can tell that she is very passionate about the arts. She is so talented in every form of dance. I bet if you taught her a step from a type of dance she has never tried, she would nail it” Morton said. “I have never seen anyone who holds such a stage presence when dancing and singing. She truly is a star.” 

Not only has Torrance made her name known in the theatre department within Summit, she is now well known throughout the Central Oregon theatre community as well. 

This fall, Torrance was cast as the lead, Sophie Sheridan, in Thoroughly Modern Productions’ Mamma Mia!. This show was a huge accomplishment for her, as Sophie impacted her deeply and even became her favorite role she has ever portrayed.

“This role was a dream come true. I had the best, most supportive cast and I really feel like I grew as a singer, dancer and actor in that role. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I wish I could relive it all over again,” Torrance said.

While playing a role of a lifetime and juggling the start of her senior year, Torrance has dove straight into the world of choreography. She was recently awarded the opportunity to choreograph BEAT’s (Bend Interactive Arts Theatre) fall production of Frozen Jr. 

“Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed and bite off a little more than I can chew, but I tried to plan out my week the best I could so I had time to balance everything, such as school, learning lines and creating choreography for Frozen.” Torrance said. “Being in a show doesn’t seem like hard work for me. It’s not taxing. Choreographing, however, is more of a job. It’s still fun and I still love to do it, but I have deadlines to meet.” 

And she doesn’t stop there. Torrance will be choreographing the Summit Theatre Company’s winter production, Into the Woods. The performance dates are Feb. 7th-9th and 13th-15th.

As for after high school, Torrance plans to play it by ear, but knows that theatre will remain a huge part of her life.

“I have no specific plans set into place. All I know is that I love doing shows and singing and dancing right now and will continue to enjoy it for as long as I decide to keep doing theatre,” Torrance said.  

Torrence is a triple threat and will continue to flourish in Bend’s theater community for years to come.

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